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A blog dedicated to Demi Lovato ♡♡♡

I believe in aliens. I think it would be way too selfish of us as mankind to believe we are the only lifeforms in the universe.”

Recovery doesn’t have days off and you still have to make sure you maintain the healthy mindset, even when you kind of want to give up or you want a day off from it. But I think the most important thing is that when you put your mind to something, like recovery, and you have a goal to achieve in it, you just work as hard as you possibly can.

"I’ve been so blessed to be able to travel so much over these last few years. One of the most profound things I witnessed while traveling, was seeing how much we take for granted. I’ve seen slums where people are walking around without shoes or jackets in the freezing cold. I’ve been to places where people are working so hard at physically demanding jobs while making hardly any money. It taught me to value every person on this planet and to not take my job for granted.”

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Have you ever read like a blog or rumor and been like ‘man, i wish that was true’?

Stay strong, this phrase always me have in my head and my heart, every day, I struggle with the demons of my past, and it really is quite difficult to stay positive, and with his head held high, always remembering that keeps me strong , you really realize what you have in your life, good or bad haci, you will always be lucky to be who you are and to have what little you have, and I thank them.”